Thursday, 20 February 2014

Preview and upload multiple files using Jquery and PHP

This tutorial helps and teaches you how to build a simple but powerful preview and upload multiple files system using Jquery and PHP.

The essence of this tutorial is to teach individuals how they can actually preview files before they are been uploaded.

Our previous scripts on file upload require one external plugin or the other but this one does not rely on any external file upload plugin such as jQuery Form Plugin which has made this application the simplest of all the file upload scripts on Vasplus.

You only need to have the jQuery JavaScript Library which is a necessity for all websites that work with JavaScript.

If you have noticed while uploading files with scripts that require the jQuery Form Plugin, you must have seen that your browser tab loads when the files are uploading but this one does not load at all while the files are uploaded.

When you upload a file by browsing for the file or files intended for upload, the files are renamed with a combination of a random string plus the original extension of the file and saved in a folder on your server for later use.

This is one of the best multiple file upload script on Vasplus because the process involve is not much and the system is very easy to implement in any application.

The system supports all modern browsers and the scripts are written in a way that any one can easily understand and customize with programming code comments to ease usability.

Preview and upload multiple files using Jquery and PHP

E-Learning System

This application has been designed to give you an organization the best by working in accordance to your specification. We believe in adding extra value to your services.

The Vasplus E-Learning System is a complete Web Application that helps to improve the performance and the entire system of Schools, Colleges or Universities all over the world.

This system is good for both distant and campus learning. It helps an organization to easily distribute learning materials among students and also enhances learning experience.

What is an E-learning?
E-learning simply means using technology to deliver training at anytime, anywhere.
The E-learning system can produce great results to an organization by decreasing costs and improving performance.

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E-Learning System

Monday, 10 February 2014

School Management System Upgraded

We are delighted to inform you that a new feature has been added to the School Management System to increase security entirely.

A feature to check for number of Log-in Attempts to prevent brute force attack has been added to the system.

We have also added one other method to the former way of resetting forgotten passwords and so, users can either reset their forgotten passwords via their account security question or through email links sent to their inbox upon request.

Attached is a screen captured for the new Forgot Password feature which has just been added to the system.

Click here to view this system

Thank You!
The Vasplus Team.

Sunday, 2 February 2014

Comment System Version 6.0

This is a paid tutorial and it teaches you how to build a Simple but powerful and User Friendly Comment System whereby the users of your websites can easily post their comments or replies on your updates or other information on your website using Ajax, Jquery and PHP.

The comment system uses cookie to store users information on their first time to post a comment, reply to a posted comment or like a comment and these stored information are later saved in the database as the login information for your users.

For a user to leave or post a comment, reply to a posted comment or like a comment, the system will prompt the user to enter his or her Full name and Email Address for identification purpose.

The system uses the email addresses submitted by users at their first time to post a comment, reply to a posted comment or like a comment to identify them whenever they try to perform any further action in the future and as such, users email addresses are unique within the system.

Below are some features of the comment system:

(1) Good in security
(2) Users can add their avatar or desired photo for commenting purpose
(3) Enlarge users avatar or photos when clicked on them
(4) Reply to posted comments
(5) Like both comments and replies posted
(6) Email notification for new Replies and Likes to users concerned
(7) Nice display of Confirmation Box for comment deletion and logout
(8) Proper validation for empty fields and invalid email addresses
(9) Comments are displayed based on pages where they are posted
(10) No long URLs or contents that extends through the comments box area.
(11) Load more Comments and Replies Button with pagination
(12) Admins can moderate comments by deleting unwanted comments and much more.
This powerful comment system supports all browsers and programming languages used are Ajax, Jquery and PHP.

The script is very easy to understand and customize with good programming code comments to ease usability.

Below are the Screen Shots for the Comment System.

Comment System Version 6.0

Comment System Version 6.0

Comment System Version 6.0

Comment System Version 6.0

Comment System Version 6.0

Comment System Version 6.0