Saturday, 2 November 2013

Auto-suggest System using Ajax, Jquery and PHP

This tutorial teaches you how a create a simple but powerful Auto-suggest system where a user can input a desired search term and get immediate result using Ajax, Jquery and PHP.

The system takes an inputted search term by a user from an input box and compares it with the information in the database, if a match or matches is/are found, it displays a total of twelve matches on the screen to the user in ascending order provided the matches are up to twelve otherwise, it displays the total number of matches found.

The user can choose to click on a desired result from the listed results and it will be shown in the input box.

School Management System

The Vasplus School Management System is a complete Web Application that helps to improve the performance and the entire system of Schools, Colleges or Universities all over the world.

This system brings an end to the problem of School Manual Information Recording. With this system, you can easily record and manage all your school data without much effort. Information stored in this system can easily be accessed and used at any point in time.

Wall Script Version 7.0

This amazing script is a user friendly application which is similar to that of Facebook and Google Plus with more advanced features and the script is very easy to install and customize.