Thursday, 31 October 2013

Online Examination System

This tutorial teaches you how to build a simple but powerful Online Examination System (OES) where you as an organization or a body can easily add subjects offered by your school or topics of exams or test to be written in your organization to the system, set and add multiple-choice questions and answers with an option for the correct answer that the system can use at the end of the exam or test to mark each question based on subject or topic level, set up time allowed to take an exam or test and add students or candidates for a particular exam or test to the system based on subject or topic level using Ajax, Jquery and PHP.

This system has been designed to ease examination process in schools and organizations.

To write an exam or seat for an exam or test, students or candidates are required to provide their admission or ID number which has already been added to the system by an admin based on subject or topic level for proper verification.

The number of students or candidates added to a particular subject or topic for an exam or test are the ones that will be granted access to seat for that exam.

This way, it can only take the students or candidates who have been assigned to a particular subject or topic to seat for that exam.

Results are generated automatically and displayed to candidates at the end of an exam or test with an option to print the result if deem necessary.

Online Examination System