Monday, 7 April 2014

Gmail - Facebook Style Chat Application with jQuery and PHP

The long awaiting Vasplus Chat System is now ready and available at Vasplus Account section.

Please go to, login and look at the bottom right side of the page to see it.

This is a testing period for the chat system and it will last for one week after-which the chat system will be deployed to users on Vasplus but it won't be free because so much effort and resources have been put into it :)

The chat system has some special features that can not be seen in other similar applications such as the following:

(1) It expands Youtube Video URL that start with http:// at the receiver end

(2) It expands links that start with http:// at the receiver end

(3) It show user typing notification at the receiver end

(4) It show Online, Offline, Busy and Unavailable notifications at the receiver end

(5) Turn off chat, hide and show chat Box similar to that of Facebook

(6) Search for users or friends which is also similar to that of Facebook

(7) Chat with multiple users similar to that of Facebook and Gmail

(8) Header of chat-box flashing if new message comes in or seen notification is displayed

(9) You hear a sound if new message comes in

(10) Facebook style bottom right display of chat box

(11) Nice smileys box with style

(12) You can send files in chat

(13) You can save your chat history

(14) You can clear your chat history

(15) If chat window is minimized when a new message arrived, you will see notification for it.

(16) It displays Seen Notification similar to that of Facebook

(17) It keeps chat boxes open and stores their position and states (Minimized or Maximized) even when pages are refreshed similar to that of Facebook and Gmail

(18) It scrolls to bottom on new messages are received

(19) It displays “fullname says…” notification in the page title bar and blinks chat boxes when window is not in focus

(20) It auto-re-size chat text input box similar to Facebook and much more.

The system is also very each to implement in any application as you don't have to install any additional software to use it.

The system was built on the platforms of Comet and HTML5 Server-Sent Events due to browsers compatibility issues.

It works on all modern browsers such as Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome etc.
You can also test the chat system on any browser of your choice and send us your feedbacks.

Thank You!
The Vasplus Team.





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