Saturday, 5 January 2013

Chat Script using Ajax, Jquery and PHP - Version 5.0

This tutorial is an updated version of our currently chat system that helps and teaches you how to create a simple but powerful cross-browser chat system where users can be able to chat privately with each other using Ajax, Jquery and PHP.

This updated version of the chat system has been released because a lot of users expressed interest in the old version via downloads.

This system supports all browsers with features like Sign-up and Login, Press Login button or Enter Key on your computer keyboard to Login, Cancel Login or Sign-up Process, Logout, Change User Photo, Press Enter Key on your computer keyboard to send chat messages, New Chat Notifications, Show Users Online and Smileys, etc.

The unique aspect of the system is that, you can carry out all the above listed actions without the chat page been refreshed.

The system is well secured and the script is written in a way that any one can easily understand and customize with proper programming codes comments to ease usability.